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Upcoming Flash!

2009-10-20 18:11:59 by CanofRage

Hey everybody, after a long break, I'm finally back and working on a couple animated project. Be on the lookout for "BNN: Bare Naked News", a cartoon so vulgar you'll have to tell the kids to leave the room.

As a side project, I've been having fun cutting out pictures and piecing them back together collage-style to create cool backgrounds and characters. It's a fun new way of animating I picked up, and the pictures create a really cool effect when they're put back together.

Upcoming Flash!


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2009-10-20 19:54:24



2009-10-20 21:29:06

hey, you need a voice actor anytime i could do it. i have a pretty deep voice and my mom and brother are/were both film makers so i know about profesionalism if you wanna go that way. also i have some great ideas for a flash or to, so send me a pm if you get the chance


2011-02-01 21:30:06

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