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Back From NC!

2008-06-23 14:14:27 by CanofRage

Well, I'm back from North Carolina early, which is good, because it's fucking lame out there. Instead of coming back Wednesday, we left Saturday night and got back Sunday at like 4:00(ish). So yeah, now that I'm back, I'll be working on my Chop Your Arm Off! Flash, and again, finishing up with .
Aside from that, just earning money, hanging out, and slacking around, just generally enjoying my summer. :)
Also, former mortal enemy Vg-Mp and his friend Evilmutantmonkey and myself may be teaming up soon to make a collab. All three of us are skilled animators, so hopefully it'll be something good. :3


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2008-06-26 21:41:03

i live in nc and its all about the parts you go to like im going campingat a water fall and roper swing and cliff diving what part did you go to.

CanofRage responds:

I don't know what part I was in, but it was VERY boring out there...
Whatever part we were in didn't have any tourist attractions, decent hotels, nothing. All there was was a bunch of really nice scenery, but that's about as exciting as it sounds after 2 hours.