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Hello, everyone!

2008-05-01 01:29:23 by CanofRage

Hey there, everyone, I'm Can of Rage and this is my Newgrounds account. I've had a few other accounts in the past, and I've been here since 2004 (Signed up in '06.)

But yea, since this is my new account, I'll be uploading all future Flashes through here. My latest Flash was "You Gonna Bite Me?" It was moderately funny, but overall a bit too short.

The next Flash you can anticipate is called "Chop Your Arm Off!" It's a comedy/spoof on all those Japanese movies where somebody gets cut and sprays an insane amount of blood out. It's coming along well, i hope to have it out by the end of the month!

Other than that, I love making collabs and funny Flashes, but I'm up for serious Flashes as well. I'd love to get a portfolio going, so I'll even make you Flashes for free (within reason), just contact me here, or at my email:

Thanks for visiting my page!


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2008-05-01 01:46:50

Looking forward to your new flashes


2008-05-01 22:35:38

Lol you know that everyone says they've been here since 04 or some other year when in reality they just found NG.


CanofRage responds:

Don't believe me? Check my first account, i-thrash-adio. Says I signed up in October of '06, and I was on even before THAT, back in the assassination days.


2008-05-13 00:10:23

oh what's wrong? don't like my true comments?

CanofRage responds:

What are you talking about? Fuck off, I don't even know you.